29th of June, 2014

Trevoc has launched new audio surveillance equipment platform, which uses state of the art OPUS codec for wide range bitrates to adopt different transmission paths and deliver top quality audiorecording capabilties for long term operations.

Concept includes legal oversight mechanism support, where system deliveres evidence with authenticity only with aproved set of oversight tokens provided.


  • Baltics, March
  • UAE, May
  • Paris, May
  • Palantir GovCon UK II, May
  • Washington, US, May
  • Memphis, US, July
  • Australia, October
  • Middle East, November
  • UK, March 2014

Encrypted Voice Communication

VCB is embedded ARM device which secures your speech communication completely. VCB device uses TLS 1.2, 256 bit AES / SHA 384 with continuous re-keying of encrypted speech stream and offers less than 200 ms latency. It comes with 100% source code available for auditing and no binary modules in build process. All cryptography is done in trusted software and hardware domain with no exfiltration capabilities.

Legal Oversight Research in Trevoc


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